February 5th, 2021 Message from the GRLL President

UpdatedFriday February 5, 2021 byGRLL Information.

Dear GRLL Community,

Great news!

Baseball is coming back to our neighborhoods!  Personally, after spending a year not missing dinner, nor seconds, thirds, or dessert to run to practices and games for my four kids, I’m feeling a bit like Winnie the Pooh stuck in Rabbit’s hole after eating all the honey.  I need to get out of the house and back on the ballfield with the kids before that gopher has to blast me out.

The good news is that GRLL is going to play ball this spring.  Our region is currently in phase 1 of the Healthy Washington re-opening plan.  During this phase we can have baseball practices, which means come February 27th we will have our first set of tryouts.  March 6th will be the second weekend of tryouts.  As soon as we hit phase 2 we will be allowed to play games.  To maintain our normal league schedule we need to be there by April 12th.  That seems doable and if the weather is willing, we could have 4 or 5 solid weeks of practice before games begin to shake the 2020 rust off.

What do we need from you?

  • If you haven’t already, please register.  We need to know how many kids we are going to have.
  • Coaches!  We always need great coaches.  Please contact Russ Stevenson and Jeff Morgan if you are at all interested in coaching. minors.coordinator@grll.org
  • Tell your friends, let’s get those kids playing again.
  • If your teenage son or daughter has played ball before and is looking to earn some money as a league umpire, please contact Chris Bush.  umpire.coordinator@grll.org

Have a 13 year old?

Many 13 year olds are in 6th grade and don’t have the option to play school baseball.  We started a 13 year old division in 2019 and are continuing with it.  They will play games with other teams in the region and have an opportunity for All-Star play.  If your 13 year old is in 7th grade and the middle schools have a season, we will work around that.  We support school sports and do our best to not conflict.  If the middle schools do not play ball this year, please come play with us!  This could be a fun division especially for all of these kids who missed out on their 12 year old Little League majors season in 2020.

Worried about Covid?

We want to be safe.  We are working on all the new procedures that we will need to follow to keep the kids and spectators safe while playing ball.  These will include masks, extra spacing, limiting shared equipment and more.  We also know that many of you are waiting to see what is going to happen before registering to play.  We have thought of you and have enabled you to register now paying only the concession fee of $20 and deferring the rest of the registration cost until April.

Let’s play ball!

Dan Evans – GRLL 2021 President