2018 City League Tournament

Updated Friday June 8, 2018 by GRLL Information.

Click on the attachments below to navigate to the 2018 City League Tournament brackets and rules


Dates: June 4-9, 2018

Locations: GRLL is this years host.  Games will be played on RNLL and GRLL fields. 

Upper and Lower Brackets: Majors and AAA are divided into two brackets each and seeded according to the league final standings.  

Two-game Minimum: The brackets will be double-elimination consolation style.  Any loss puts your team in the consolation bracket and the best you can finish is Third Place.

Brackets: Brackets can be accessed using the below attachments.

Rules: Please read through and fully understand the special City Tourney rules attached below.  They differ from regular season rules. 

Pitching Eligibility Forms:  Official Book and Pitch count sheets will be provided by the league where the game is being played and need
to be turned in at the completion of each game.
GRLL pitch count sheets and scorebook will be available at the concession stand
RNLL pitch count sheets and scorebook will be available in the clubhouse

2018 AAA Lower_Rev 6.pdf
2018 AAA Upper_Rev 6.pdf
2018 Majors Lower_Rev 5.pdf
2018 Majors Upper_Rev 6.pdf