2017 Field Day (March 18th)

Updated Friday March 17, 2017 by GRLL Information.


Saturday, March 18th is the mandatory field day for all GRLL families to get our fields ready for play.  On Saturday March 18th from 9AM to approximately 3PM (or earlier if we get a big turnout) we will be working on Bombing Range and Jefferson fields simultaneously.  Like last year, families will be assigned to a specific field or facility based on the team they play on.  Please see the attached field assignments below or click on the following link

Please bring gloves, rakes, push brooms, ladders, leaf blowers, lawn tractors, wheel borrows, shovels, or any other tools or equipment that you think can help us make the GRLL fields the best for our kids!

We need to keep an accurate tracking of volunteer hours so we can earn monetary credits toward the field fees with the City.  Please check in and out on the sign-in sheets located at your assigned field. 

Field assignments for Saturday (9am):

  • Jefferson F1&F2: Woods, Bell, Pro Build, West Richland Family Dental, Yokes, and Youngs Service Master
  • BR F1&F2: Elks, Oswalt, Pasco Vision, NW Rentals, Accent Signs, Atomic Autobody
  • BR F3 Milestones: Wildlands, Core Concepts, WR Public Works
  • BR 4: Densow's, Malleys, Fat Olives, WR Police
  • BR Mounds support for Mackley is HAMTC



  1. clean dugouts
  2. paint benches and outfield line bleachers
  3. clean fence lines
  4. hang back stop pads
  5. check and repair bat racks
  6. adjust gates (have your folks bring tools for this)
  7. Once all the sod work and leveling out the infield grass edges is complete, spread 20 bags of turface.

Thank you in advance for helping!